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Dial up the nostalgia as some of football’s fan-favourites return as FUT Heroes in FIFA Ultimate Team.
Once you find a format that works for your brand, try to replicate or find a new iteration that will work again and again!

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Playing online and offline matches will also cause you to earn match coins, plus packs as rewards. It also teaches you how to improve your gameplay and work on your team chemistry etc.
Get players like Ronaldo, Messi or Pele for free
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April 1 is an important day for Ultimate Team players as a new promo makes its way to FIFA 22. Despite the arrival of a new promo, players will still be thinking of Fantasy FUT as drastic upgrades are on the line. April 1 is also the day that real-life matches count toward the completion of Fantasy FUT upgrade requirements.
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“When you lose a game of FIFA, take suggestions from your opponent – how did they score? what formation did they use? Learning from peers and people better than you can only develop you as a FIFA player.”
Players from all other leagues should be stashed in your club until an SBC comes up that requires them, or you spot a price rise in your weekly audit – see points 5 and 6, and remember to check every Thursday. Never quick-sell any player card.
Written by Tom Bramwell on behalf of GLHF.
The above guide doesn’t only cover the best 22 male players in EA’s sports sim – it also charts the top FIFA 22 women ratings too. (Hit this link to head straight there.) Three talented ladies duke it out for top billing, with Netherlands’ Vivianne Miedema, England’s Lucy Bronze, and Wendie Renard of France all sharing a hefty overall rating of 92.
And 100% agree on the AI part. Definitely beatable if your opponent isn’t defending.
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This way, you may simulate through them for the remainder of your career (or your whole career) since simulating will give you the highest grade you scored manually, so master all of the training sessions and you won’t have to stop simulating every few days to get your players ready for the big match.
Gamers do not know what they will ‘unpack’ before opening. This means that gamers cannot tell if their pack is worth the cost and can encourage multiple purchases to ‘win’ the desired loot or to ‘recover loses’.
FIFA 22 Guide: Career Mode
Once more, players from all other leagues should be stashed in your club until an SBC comes up that requires them, or you spot a price rise in your weekly audit. Remember, never quick-sell any player card.
Icon player items are one of the most desirable items in the game of FIFA as they bring back the legends of football. It features great players from the past who are given amazing stat cards and OVR ratings. However, the Prime and Prime Moments are the top-tier Icon cards even among them and are also the most costly and have amazing FUT Market values. There is now a new SBC in the game that can give one out for free!
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FIFA 22 is a gigantic leap forward for the franchise. The new Hypermotion animation system isn’t just marketing speak, it’s a genius game-changer which helps matches play out closer to the real sport than ever. 
Think of it as putting in the groundwork early — if you can resonate with younger demographics now on a platform that they enjoy using, you can look forward to them being loyal followers for years to come.
The tricky part is becoming Captain of the Team because you have to be on your own in the match to become Captain or wait for another Captain to leave and you inherit the  Captaincy.
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Fantasy FUT SBCs are hot commodities in FIFA 22, as featured players can improve their stats through the promo’s upgrade process. With a potential upgrade of a +3 overall rating, completing a Fantasy FUT SBC is similar to investing in future assets.
The #ChipotleLidFlip challenge currently has over 300M views and their #GuacDance challenge has over 1 billion views — which proves that a fun challenge could be one of the best tactics to grow your following.
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If you like excitement, you can also open as many packages as you want. The big problem with the FUT packages is that the chance of you landing Messi or any other popular player is very low. You have to open hundreds of Gold Packs just to get a FUT icon or a superstar like Ronaldo. This can be really exciting, but also frustrating because in the end, you will know that you wasted a lot of money.
Képhren Thuram (75/83) – CDM/CM: The son of former France full-back Lillian is a gem. At 20, he’s already rated 75 and has considerable potential while being tall (6’2) and quick (75 PAC) like his father. In midfield, he’ll act like an octopus, tackling and sweeping the field to help regain possession.
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Updates in FIFA 22 bring more control and immersion than ever. This year, FIFA has introduced loads of attacking AI improvements, so you’ll need to be on the ball to defend a lead. Your opposition is now more intelligent, knowing when to hit killer passes or bend crosses. Also, a player’s personality can determine how well they can intercept loose passes, how fast they close down the ball and how likely they are to tackle successfully.
To use player lock you have to press  and  together. Use it when you have the ball as a striker near the opposition’s box, then pass the ball to a teammate on the wing. Request a cross with  and then finish it.
FUT 22 is an in-game mode in FIFA 22, so to get into FUT, you need to know how to start and run your FIFA 22. If you are a beginner, you can follow the FIFA 22 starting tutorial to learn how to kick-start the game.
GK: Jan Oblak (91) – 29,750 coins
We recommend sell to buy. Even if same players. You need to know the market really well to trade in players making most coins. We can’t mention names people just price fix them higher.
Tips for Attacking: How to Score More Goals
Modifies the maximum sprint speed a CPU team can reach.
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Although the Fantasy FUT promo will come to a close on April 1, these players will remain in the spotlight as they attempt to complete the upgrade requirements in real-life games.
No longer is FIFA gameplay comprised of scripted animations where your players react in the same way every time. In FIFA 22, each time you make a pass, take a shot on goal or make a lunging tackle, the outcome feels original and authentic. The system even comes into play when you’re off the ball, adding depth to the gameplay across the whole pitch.
List shiny Manager Contracts cards for one hour at 150/200.
What is Hypermotion in FIFA 22? Everything you need to know about EA Sports’ revolutionary gameplay is revealed.
In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, it doesn’t matter if you have the best players if they’re not linked up in a suitable formation. Get up to date with the best formations in the game and raise the bar with tried and tested strategies.
This trophy can be achieved in Pro Clubs mode. For this trophy, you will have to join a club and play a Cup match. When in matchmaking in your club, go to settings and switch game mode from league to cup. To start a Cup game you will need at least two online players in your club. Not a lot of people play this gametype so there might be some matchmaking issues, it might be a good idea to boost this with four players total in two separate clubs.
In light of the ongoing promotion, there’s аlso аn аdded incentive to finish the SBC in order to eаrn the rewаrd pаck. While the chаnces of finding а Fаntаsy FUT Teаm 2 cаrd in the pаck аre slim, they cаn never be ruled out.
“This year in Rivals, you can gain huge coins upfront by just putting into a division, which only takes 5 games! After that, I would recommend throwing in some Squad Battles because the awards are tradeable and can pay out big if you’re lucky.”
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If you are struggling to break down a defense, try creating space outside the corner of the penalty area and aiming a finesse shot (right bumper plus shoot) at the opposite corner. Players with the Finesse Shot trait will be most effective, although most decent attackers are capable of scoring from here as well.
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When you think you’ve got your positioning right, you can manually stand tackle (O/B) to dispossess the attacker. Holding O/B results in a harder hit, so be aware and get your timing right. Only use slide tackles (square/X) when you absolutely know you’ll get the ball, else your player can expect an early shower.
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In order to start an attack, you will have to get the ball first, which isn’t all that easy, so it’s always a good idea to fight for the ball lobbed by the goalkeeper towards the middle of the field in order to pass it to one of your own players. Use all available means when creating an offensive action – combine short passes with wall passes, shift the weight of the game to the other half of the pitch, shoot through balls in between defenders, use wingers to attack, etc.
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Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals
We recommend caution when buying coins, as the vast majority of sites are unreliable and you could end up violating some of EA’s rules on coin transfer. Futrading operates with an automated secure shipping system, which bypasses the main cause of bans by EA: the repeated transfer between two players, choosing to make transactions between different players and counting on a base of 850 Fifa 22 players sending coins on the site!
Want to at least look the part while you’re getting drubbed 0-7 in weekend league? Then you need our FIFA 22 kits guide. Old favourites from years past such as Kaizer Chiefs and New Zealand inevitably return, while there are also appearances from Inter Milan, Crystal Palace, Al Ain and the mighty East Bengal.
Title update #8 for FIFA 22 was deployed earlier today (March 29) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia, bringing some important changes to the game.
If you’re a fan of Guardiola’s style, you can try and emulate his preferred formation. Hailed as a tactical genius, the Spanish manager now employs a 4-3-3 system at Manchester City to great success.