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According to Kotaku, if you search for the game on Twitter or Reddit, you’ll definitely find people complaining about the ongoing hacking and cheating.

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To be clear, Elisa was a total champ. This is just an example.
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If you are a fan of board games, especially Werewolf, you should definitely not miss Among Us, the new and exciting game of Innersloth. You can download the MOD APK version of this game via the links below.
No one expected it but in this came a game called Among us, which had gone unnoticed 2 years, to become the most watched thing on Youtube and Twitch over the last month. In a pandemic era caused by COVID-19 disease there are two games that have been played massively: Fall guys and Among us.
Anyone can create a lobby and have the ability to set it public or private. You can also create a local WiFi Lobby to play with friends or family. You can also play in Freeplay mode which is offline to practice your strategies.
Not to worry as this fiasco is not likely to be the downfall of the wildly popular game as many users have been outing a hacker whenever they come across one.
In the gaming world Among us is one of the popular games trending in 2022. The game is multiplayer and about 3 to 10 players can enter the game in a single time and play their most favourite games. To play Among us we need a great strategy and full presence of mind in the gaming zone to defeat and win. Among us has great vibes and due to its hype among the gamers, it is gaining popularity day by day. All the gaming actions are taken only on a spaceship that is made up of different units. A task will be assigned to you along with your crew members and a secret task is given to one of your crew
The hack, which many players have encountered over the past couple days, is extremely specific, causing players in text chat to spam messages that advertise the YouTube and Discord channels of a person who goes by the name Eris Loris, alongside a website that offers cheats for games like Garry’s Mod and Apex Legends. In various permutations of the message, which appears to afflict all players in a match, Loris threatens to “hack your device” or “blow up your phone” if you don’t subscribe. It concludes with an unrelated but unsubtle political message: “TRUMP 2020.” Via bots, he has managed to spread this hack to many Among Us games, with some players claiming that it’s occurred in hundreds or even thousands of matches.
I recommend using the custom settings I have up top so you get more tasks in each game and can move around the map faster.
Allows an application to read from external storage.
Among Us Mod Menu Google Drive
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The game essentially riffs off Mafia and Werewolf but in a cute little spaceship setting. Some members of the crew are busy maintaining and fixing the ship while some are sabotaging it.
There’s only one visible task in Mira HQ, which is MedBay: Submit Scan. In this case, the visual elements are exactly the same as in Skeld.
Mass Among Us Hack Forces Players To Advertise Hacker’s YouTube Channel, Trump
Have you ever heard of the card game’s Avalon and Wolf? There are specific roles given to each person, some of them bad, and some are good. The objective of the game is never to let the bad ones win the game. The only problem is that you will never know who the good or bad ones are. It’s all about deception and hidden roles. You have to be careful about showing your emotions, or else you might accidentally out yourself.
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The Airship is the fourth map for Among Us that became the third newly released map for the game when it started receiving updates and more dedicated support from the developers. This map is based off of the Toppat Clan airship seen in the popular Henry Stickmin games Infiltrating The Airship, Fleeing The Complex, and Completing The Mission. The map is also notable for being the largest map in the game so far, with tons of new tasks and rooms for crewmates and Impostors to explore. Because of this, whenever you start a match on this map, everyone gets to choose from 3 different locations to spawn in for the match, which can be ideal for those who remember where their tasks are on the map. 
There is only one way to do this: vote against the guilty parties at emergency meetings and throw them into space. However, you will have to be convincing and not make a mistake by eliminating an innocentperson… Before going into more detail in our Among Us guide, let’s also mention an important rule for beginners. For players who play by voice, communication is not allowed during the game, except during emergency meetings prior to the elimination votes. This promises even hotter tips than on Koh-Lanta. 😜
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I’m sure they’ll help you with anything that we haven’t covered here, so the rest of this article will be spent addressing in-game etiquette and a few helpful play tips
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Those playing the Impostor will need to pretend to complete various tasks around the map while also taking out the Crewmates. If you’re playing with multiple Impostors, then you can work together to take out the crew much quicker, allowing you to secure your win. Impostors have access to a Sabotage menu that they can use to overheat the reactor, turn off the lights, or even mess with the base’s oxygen levels. Impostors can also use Vents to get around the map much quicker. Keep in mind that any crewmate that sees you will know that you’re the Impostor and can call an Emergency Meeting to vote you out.
– Crewmembers are being eliminated by leaving, being killed, or ejected until theycan no longer have a voting majority.
Once you’ve found it, simply click on Install. The download should take less than 5 minutes, and you’re safe to use your phone for other things in the meantime.
One can play the game in their budget smartphones smoothly. It also offers a multiplayer facility that can be played online through private rooms and the public; even you can connect via local WIFI to play with college mates. Well, a highly optimised mod version is given below. Just check it out.
Together, they make the only guide to Among Us you’ll need – it’s the perfect read for anyone who wants to survive in space (or destroy everyone!)
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We love the creative mods people have made for Among Us. Thank you! It’s been great to see the community so passionate about our game and expand on its features, and we want to encourage that.
– Cosmicubes: Play the Game, gather resources! Hit the $ on the title screen to check it out.
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My advice upon having encountered a few recently is to call them out, tell your group about it in the chat, and kick them out. Hopefully, that’ll wisen them up.
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Alternatively, when you start to suspect someone, you can be bold and try to bait him into following you. You can wander off from the rest of the group to find the player you suspect to be the Impostor. Pay close attention to their reactions when you get close to them. Since Crewmates are often focused on completing tasks, they rarely hesitate when moving from one point to the other—unless they run into someone suspicious. Impostors, on the other hand, aren’t afraid of getting close to other characters and might start walking towards you as soon as they see you.
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Among Us Hack Being Able To See The Imposter
Among Us can be played on PC or Mobile. The PC version costs about $5 USD, the Mobile version is 100% free. There’s also a way to play it for free on PC that’s 100% legal, but I’m not going to cover it here. You can read about it in this link though, if you like.
Sky has everything you will ever need. Spoofers, Aimbot, Walls, you name it: Sky has it. Welcome to the family and good luck out there!
Finally, if it’s ever one imposter versus two crewmates or three crewmates versus two imposters, you’ve essentially won the game. All you need to do is call one last sabotage and net the final kill.
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Find out all you need to know to master everyone’s favorite social deduction party game, Among Us. Whether you’re looking for tips to defeat the Crew from the shadows or need tips on staying alive with an alien parasite running amok, we have everything you need in this handy Among Us guide. InnerSloth, the game’s creator, created it to be endlessly replayable as you try to figure out who the nefarious killer is.
You and your crewmates are on a ship that requires daily maintenance. Among Us consists of four to ten players in a crew, while between one to three of you are imposters.
You can try this hack for fun only. When activating this hack, the colors, hats, skins, and pets of each character will change continuously making it funnier to play the game.
In the lobby, you will find other players with different colors. You will be using this to
For example, the Engineer role allows the Crewmate player to use vents whenever they please. That sounds all fine and dandy, and a great way to rotate around the map. But it might also mean that Impostors brand themselves as Engineers when they get caught venting. Or vice versa, the Engineer will have to defend themself from accusations if someone spots them accessing a vent.
each other (who has scans/trash etc). That will remind the crew that their job is
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If this is the first time playing, I suggest joining at 3–4 people if you want to check out the computer for customization of skins. Or if you want to get straight into it, join games with 7–8 people (Games with 9 people usually will be full before you click on the button (The server does not update player count from my experience)) Do that and you are in!
Welcome to Borderpolar’s Among Us guide, containing everything you need to know about 2020’s massive party game hit. Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. Innersloth originally released the game on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018, featuring cross-platform play between these platforms. The game was also ported for the Nintendo Switch in December 2020 and has planned releases for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in 2021. To discover what’s coming next, you can read our Among Us roadmap and the latest patch notes guide.